The Secret To a Beautiful Home: It's The Little Details That Make a HUGE Impact

Interior design with throw pillows

Lets about talk visual impact.

When it comes to exceptional interior design, it's the last 10% of a project that makes up for 90% of the visual impact. There is nothing worse than a client who goes bust on their furnishings but won't justify splurging on custom toss pillows and exceptional art. Sure you have a stunning velvet sofa but with polyester pillows that you can be found at any big box store, you may as well have purchased your furniture from The Brick (cringe). Ok, maybe I'm being a little over the top but nothing deflates my design enthusiasm like stock pillows from HomeSense, Bed Bath & Beyond and the like. 

Toss out the idea that toss pillows aren't worth the splurge

In addition to the fact that custom pillows allow you to completely customize the wow factor to your colour palette, they are beautifully made (at least those from our shop are) and they have a way higher quality insert. Not only are they more visually impactful, they are also more comfortable and ethically made. 

I just thought to myself... oh right, colour palette is another new concept for Vancouver interior design as the mass majority of this city is smothered in white on white or grey on grey. No wonder why the average person ops for pre made pillows, their 'safe' and the mass market production is for those that love neutrals. Well, if you've read any of my other blogs, you'll pick up quickly that I embrace colour as an essential part of my work and I love a classic black and white combination as my neutral palette of choice. I do enjoy tonal design but in the world of interior design where there are so many incredible options, there is certainly more to life than grey on grey.

Designing With a Spirit of Curated Luxury & Charm

You see, for me it's all about creating something exceptional, unique, curated and classic and nothing about all tone on tone greys or whites echoes a spirit of curated luxury, charm and elegance.

That's just me though, I like European charm, luxurious fabrics and a splash of personality. I'm also exceptionally picky and am not one to 'keep up with the Jones'. I think individuality in the home is essential in creating truly sensational and stunning homes. I just don't see the point of hiring a designer or any other artist for that mater to do what everyones else is doing.

So the next time you're tempted to go with off-the-shelf pillows, ask yourself this question, do you LOVE those pillows and will they really really add to charm of your space? 

If no, I suggest you put them down and reconsider the road less traveled, a world of stunning pillows (and furniture) awaits and the possibilities are endless!!



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