How Safe Interior Design isn't always Timeless

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Let's talk about 'safe' design. 

It's a common misconception that playing it safe is the smart way to go when designing a home; but let me fill you in on a secret: it's often a daft choice.

Safe is typically a word spoken in present context and often based on trends. In the 1980's it would have been a 'safe' bet to choose an avocado green tub and toilet for your bathroom because everyone was doing it. In the 90's it was safe to go with peach undertones and ubatuba granite. For those of you who don't know what that is, it's a hideous green granite that builders in the 90's had a deep affinity for.

I hate hearing 'I want to play it safe' or 'lets go with grey, it's safer'. Do you really want to do what everyone else is doing? If so, have fun renovating your brand new home in 10-15 years from now because it looks so 2017! Think long term, a home is often one of peoples' largest assets. Perhaps you should put the brakes on when considering the 'safe choice' because often 'safe' is just a a sugar coated way of saying, "I want to do what everyone else is doing". Put down your handful of grey on grey samples and ask yourself... "how much do I love grey?".

The interior design sweet spot.

Timeless design, on the other hand, is the real sweet spot. It's a home that is designed and curated so well that you can't quite pin down when the conception took place. It's the kind of interior design that holds a position of elegance and ages with dignity and grace. It's the kind of design that pays tribute to the true classics while having a fresh and grounded perspective on current contemporary elements without being rooted too heavily in one genre alone. 

Curating a timeless home with your interior designer is just like curating a timeless wardrobe. The key to having a spectacular outcome is to invest in the classics, not take yourself too seriously (unless you like stodgy design) and you should buy what you LOVE and what suits your space! 



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