Furniture Styling & Design Services

Furniture layout and home styling in Vancouver: Curated Home by Chrissy & Co.

Furniture Layout & Design

Choosing the right layout is essential for maximizing the flow and visual appeal of any space. Likewise, choosing the appropriate size, style and colour palette goes hand in hand in creating a beautifully balanced room.

From planing the layout of a brand new home, to refreshing a space you’ve been living with for ages, nothing is more exciting to us than finding the perfect balance of form and function while helping you to create a home that echoes who you are.

Yes, having beautiful bones is great which is why we love to be involved in any project as early as possible, however, it truly is amazing what some beautiful furniture and decor can do for even the most ordinary and tired spaces.

From designing the perfect seating configuration to curating a beautiful array of fabrics, textures and colour to give your home that special touch, we are all about telling your story through design and decor.

Styling & Decor 

For some of our clients, they have the basics nailed down with some beautiful pieces that have withstood the test of time with grace and just require a breath of fresh air through styling and decor. At Curated Home, there is no project too small for consideration. Looking for the right mirror, art and toss pillows and perhaps a few odds and ends? We are happy to help you make your home feel complete.

Sourcing One-of-a-kind Objects

We have procured some incredible furniture makers and artisans from around the globe. So whether you’re looking for the perfect sculpture, gilded mirror or painting, we would love to treasure hunt the right piece for your space.

Custom Furniture & Area Rug Design

Looking for more than the typical play it safe grey on grey pieces for your space? We have the ability to completely customize pieces just for you. From brilliantly colourful and uniquely shaped sofas, to a perfectly patterned area rugs, or family crest designs, we can accommodate any vision.

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Home styling