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Where beautiful design leads to a better way of life.


"A Dream Home is A space that tells your story before you have spoken a word because the very essence of who you are is woven into your design. It is a place that nurtures your soul and inspires your senses but most importantly, it is a space that allows you to

Live more beautifully.  "

Chrissy Cottrell 

Chrissy Cottrell: Chrissy & Co Design Savvy

Chrissy Cottrell: Principal Designer

For Chrissy, interior design is not just about creating a beautifully designed and decorated home, it's about creating a higher quality of life.

Her passion has always been to enable others to see beauty in the everyday details and to enrich life by facilitating a cohesive balance of design within the home. In 2009, she established Chrissy & Co in order to build a Vancouver interior design firm that would operate under a methodology of helping others to live more beautifully. 

Not your typical trend based interior designer, Chrissy's aesthetic foundation for her designs are often founded on the beautiful fusion of classic and contemporary interior design elements. Chrissy's designs are inspired by her clients, rather than ever-changing trends; creating spaces that honour the balance of masculine/feminine and modern/traditional in order to represent both halves of each couple.

True beauty is never a compromise but rather a collaboration of two stories. Known for her ability to beautifully fuse form and function, Chrissy captures the essence and individuality of each of her clients.




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