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Chrissy Cottrell: Founder of Curated Home By Chrissy & Co

For Chrissy, interior design is not just about creating beautifully designed and decorated homes. It's about creating a higher quality of life.

In 2009, she established Chrissy & Co in order to build a Vancouver interior design firm that would bring a curated mixture of elegance, sophistication and a sense of approachable luxury into her client's homes. In January 2016 she launched Vancouver's first concept boutique, Curated Home By Chrissy & Co, with a curated mixture of fine art, fine furnishings, lighting and decor with a design studio centered as the heartbeat of her vision. Serving as an eclectic mix of rare and one of a kind curated pieces from Paris, England, New York, L.A and Toronto to name just a few. 

Chrissy's aesthetic foundation for her design is often founded on the beautiful fusion of classic and contemporary interior design elements. Chrissy's designs are inspired by her clients, rather than ever-changing trends; creating spaces that honour the balance of masculine/feminine and modern/traditional in order to tell a well-rounded story. 

Known for her ability to beautifully fuse form and function, Chrissy captures the essence and individuality of each of her clients while staying true to her love of timeless elegance and European nuances. See some of Chrissy's interior design projects.

"A beautiful home is space that tells your story before you've spoken a word because the very essence of who you are is woven into your design.  " 

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