There's No Place Like Home... Designing a Life and Home I Love


You don't have to have a magic pair of slippers or own your own place to be able to say 'There's no place like home'.

I'm always mystified by mediocrity... in absolutely everything. Form a blasé meal out, to the thread count in my sheets or a subpar glass of wine... if it's less than lovely, I don't want it. Plain and simple.

I could get hit by a car tomorrow, so if I don't love the details that enrapture my daly life, what's the point? I work incredibly hard for everything I have, so I feel entitled to savour the spoils of my hearts desires every now and again. Especially if it's going to help me enjoy the journey and assist me in my 'long game vision'.

Feed your soul and know when to splurge

I'll admit, it's not always easy to know when to splurge and when to conserve for the bigger picture. My gage to 'living to the full' is this question, "will this (fill in the blank), enrich my life now without compromising my big picture goals?" For me lately it's been the Italian velvet tufted sofa or killer velvet Prada pumps. Yes, if you don't already know I have a weakness for velvet among other things (beautiful shoes, Champagne, sushi etc )... now you know.

One of my biggest weaknesses or as I like to see it, strengths, is living in a home that inspires me. So...while I've renovated my life (going through a divorce while launching my store), the decision to personally invest into the reno of an apartment I'm leasing has sparked a lot of mixed feedback from my inner circle. All too often the feedback is 'why would you spend so much on a house that's not yours?!". My response...'because it's my home'.

In my opinion, it really doesn't matter if you rent or own, if you don't love your home, your missing out. It's really that simple.

Building an Empire Is all about enjoying the journey 

The reality is, I don't want to buy right now... I'm busting by little butt building an empire of my own while making some big life changes. I don't want to settle for a one million dollar Vancouver apartment that I don't love when I can make a borrowed home my own for less. For those working a 9-5 grind, owning is definitely a great way to go but I'm building a business and I'm all about putting my capital back into to firm to see my vision grow.

If I hate my kitchen, I'll always be eating out. If I'm not inspired in my home, it will most definitely effect my work as a designer. So, with all of those potential ramifications on the table, there really was no way that I was going to compromise. For me, living in a space that seduces my scenses, having a kitchen that inspires me to want to cook and having a home that I'm proud to share with friends and family really matter to me. Living in a beautiful home  that I'm proud of is crucial in my quality of life and so it would be incredibly short sighted of me to deny myself the fuel I need to be happy thinking that I am squirrelling away for a brighter future.

If the present is dull... the future doesn't look so bright.

"But Chrissy, isn't it expensive?"

You better believe it is! I've got Champagne taste and as an interior designer with a weakness for European charm, there are no budget alternatives for my aesthetic. This is my home, my refuge and my happy place and there is no way that I'm going to compromise the quality of my day to day in hopes of a more glamours future. Life is in the now and I want to sip and savour all of it (within reason).

If I could click my heels together and wave a magic wand, this would be so much easier. But like Dorothy, it's been a crazy ride the last while and all I want to do is go home...

Do I want to do some damage by going to Europe for a crazy Eat, Pray, Love style of adventure or a major shopping spree... Yes, yes I do. But, I've got an 900 Square foot apartment that has just undergone a mini transformation  and a lot of furniture on the way, so it's needless to say it's been my top priority. I may go to Italy this year and if I don't, San Fransisco or LA will have to do. I can do the Amalfi  Coast next year and that little black jacket I have my heart set on will have to wait.

My overall motto is to do what you've got to do to love the now, so you can journey through to your desired desination without it feeling like it's an unbearable road trip. The older I get, the more I enjoy the scenic route and the reality never know what the future holds. All we really have is the now and often our destinations are ever changing. So enjoy the ride in style, do you and know that by fulfilling the desires of your heart, you give yourself the fuel you need to make it through peaks and valleys of your journey. 

PS: I did buy the velvet Prada pumps... do you know are rare it is to find a killer pair of black velvet pumps?! Life is short and sometimes a girl needs a new pair of shoes to help her on her journey home back to self.



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