Interior Design Tips for Couples: When Two Worlds Collide

Beautiful interior design has the same recipe as a beautiful marriage

When it comes to working with a couple who both contrast and compliment one another in their design preference, it's all about amalgamating commonalities and allowing the individual difference to shine individually. 

Beautiful design has the same recipe for a beautiful marriage. In order to create harmony, there has to be a bond that happens with the things that equally resonate with a couple. However, just as importantly, there has to be a level of individuality remaining in each person coming to the table, otherwise there is a high risk of one loosing their sparkle in order to 'blend'.

For those who follow my interior design work and know me, you know that I am a huge advocate in finding a common ground that will allow two different design styles to shine. It's more often then not that couples share different and sometimes opposite sentiments in their design preferences, which when you consider who they are as individual, is not surprising. Regardless of gender, there is always someone who prefers more masculine elements and another who prefers more feminine notes.

From food, fashion and design, these beautiful contrasts of characters are what make a relationship so beautiful and interesting and if allowed a platform to do the same in their interior design, will result in a beautifully balanced space that reflects them as a couple but also honour them as individuals. 

The foundation of their design

This top illustration is a recent client inspiration board that we have established for the overall tone of this couples project. Orange and teal were the hues that they embraced with equal enthusiasm, so they are the foundation of their design. However,  when looking at the varying tones and textures of their design board, you can see that there is a beautiful mixture of modern and masculine elements with contrasting feminine and traditional notes. 

Bellow in The 'Draper Room' which is an old over crowded office that is to be converted into a library/wine room. As this is set out to be the 'boys den' with room for entertaining, this is a space where we honoured some of the more masculine and modern elements.

masculine and modern design elements

This area as shown bellow is the powder room that we will be renovating. As you can see, there are some lovely feminine elements that will shine in this lovely little space. Injecting a little glamour into the everyday.

Lovely feminine design elements

This area which is set to have four chairs in a beautiful grey wool and offset with a beautifully vibrant rug. The ottoman, shown in grey (stock photo) will be custom upholstered in a stunning fabric with fuchsia tones. The toss pillows, will beautifully marry the two elements togged along with the art in the next photo.

four chairs in a beautiful grey wool

This beautiful vignette will set next to the console table and brilliant piece of art by one of my favourite artist, David Burdney.

Beautiful vignette will set feat. artist, David Burdney

Last but not least (for this post anyway) is this charming dining area that is a beautiful bled of clean masculine elements with a feminine touch. I love this modern table and the contemporary chandelier that has the ornate Rococo plaster detailing to honour the famine chic.

Dinning Area - Vancouver Interior Design Examples

There are a few more rooms to this project that are currently top secret. I can't wait to show you the big reveal when it is all complete. It's going to be a stunning home when we are finished.

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