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How to Design a Home and Why an Interior Designer is Helpful 

From curating the perfect wine collection to the most beautiful home. It's about honouring your individual palette and know what you like and don't like but your not expected to know how to pull everything together (unless of course you're an expert). 

As you're likely not a sommelier, it's advantageous to get the recommendation from someone who is when having an elegant meal out and you want the perfect wine to pair with your meal. I've taken the gamble myself and ordered a great bottle that I love but found out the hard way it didn't compliment my entree. It was a ($200) lesson learned , if I plan on having a chic night out and I want an excellent bottle of wine with dinner, I know better than to choose 'my go to' as it doesn't always work well in combination with everything else. 

Likewise, you're likely not an interior designer, so it's also recommended that you consider hiring one if you want to invest a great deal of money into your home. There is nothing worse than ordering a $5K sofa, only to find out the colour clashes with your area rug or worse, it won't fit into your elevator. A good designer is worth their weight in gold and can help you avoid making costly mistakes. Not to mention help you save your most valuable resource... time. 

"Interior Design Trends of 2017" vs Harmonizing

So often people ask, "what's your go to __________ (fill in the blank), I'm looking for _________ ... (free advice because I want to DIY my design). The reality is,  as much as I love what I do and I genuinely want to help people, throwing out a paint name or style of sofa that I love, isn't going to do anyone any favours if it doesn't harmonized with their existing elements. It's like someone asking you to help them find the perfect shoes for their outfit and you have no idea if they are going to the gala or going hiking.

When Design Fails

When a couple called to inquire about our services it was after they spent several months sourcing furniture and drapes for their new home but as it all began to arrive, nothing worked together! Some of the items were returnable (with a 20% restocking fee + delivery) and other items custom ordered so they were completely stuck with them. The worst however was not the waste of funds for them but the loss of time. I always say, time is a currency which once spent you will never get back. There is no restocking fee when you've wasted your time, so it's crucial that you spend yours wisely.

This lovely couple who spent many of their weekends and evenings on their home were heartbroken over the 'design fail' of their space but also in all the time they had wasted.  Now, three months after their delivery. It's going to take about four more months and some added points to their visa before they can enjoy their home.

I have to say that at least they aren't living with their mistake, they could have easily settled and said 'heck with it' and left it as is which sadly many people do. However, they decided they wanted more out of their home and recognized after trial and error that they weren't able to do it themselves. So, needless to say that this time around they decided to hire a seasoned expert to help them create a home they can be proud of.

The point of this pos is: curate a home you love, design the life you want but be wise enough to bring in the experts when required. It's typically a efficient, cost effective and enjoyable process when you do. Life too short to wear more hats than you need to. 

The thing about living with grace and elegance is knowing when to gracefully bow out and let the professionals lend you a hand. Not only will your wine with dinner taste better and your home be more beautiful but you will be allowed the opportunity to savour the journey stress free.

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