Europeans Do It Best

European Inspired

I've always had an affinity with Europe. France and Italy to be more specific. The French do it best when it comes to fine pastries, baguettes, art & classical ornate detailing that ooze with charm and femininity. The Italians do pasta, cappuccinos and sculptures best. They ooze metro masculinity and ganache.  Both however are equally charming when it comes to art and stunning scenery. I love these countries and one day hope to have my own Pied-à-terre in southern Italy and Paris.

I'm so grateful that I get to have the opportunity to travel for work. When it comes to antique hunting, there are no better spots. I could spend an entire week strolling through the hidden flee-makets and auctions in Paris. The rush I get when spotting a antique gilded chair frame with endless potential is part of what 'makes me tick'. There's nothing more special than those one of a kind pieces that when given a new lease on life represent past and present so beautifully.

I love the Rococo chair frames in all their glory, the over the top grandeur of the hand carved details drenched in gold leafing gets me every time. I love even more shipping these exotic pieces of history when kings and queens ruled back to my Vancouver boutique for contemporary refinement. To know it's long journey, then to unwrap them again to be reminded of its splendour and to begin the redesign journey is an exhilarating process.

Parisian Chic Soul

I just finished selecting some exceptional velvet fabric for a pair of stunning wing back chairs that have nearly 200 years of history embedded in them. Not just any history... they carry with their journey a Parisian chic soul.

One can only imagine the many late night conversations they would have witnessed in their time. When taking them to the upholster for their unveiling, they discovered white stallion horse hair in the cushions. It's the first time in their careers that they've ever seen white horse hair used for chairs. These are indeed very special pieces.

I can't wait to show you pictures when they are in their new home!

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