The Ultimate Vancouver Bachelor Pad Interior Design

Modern Design By Interior Designer Chrissy Cottrell from Interior Design Boutique Chrissy & Co

When it comes to being an eligible bachelor, one must consider not only their style but also décor. In todays dating scene, if one wants a ‘good catch’ one must put their best foot forward. Good shoes, a sharp haircut and some fashion savvy can go along way in making a good first impression; but what about the bachelor pad?

There is nothing worse than the disappointment of finding out that the guy you thought was the ‘full package’, is living a space that looks like it belongs to a ‘man child’. You know, the place where the only thing of any value is the TV and stereo equipment. All too often you can count on seeing a poorly made sofa (possibly from the 90’s) and glade candles as the only source of ambient lighting. Something that you wouldn’t expect from a guy who drives a porsche but it happens.

So what’s a bachelor to do?

  1. Give your home the guest test: By going through your place, make a note of each item and ask yourself, “if I were paying $300 a night to stay in a hotel would I be happy with_______________ (insert item here)”. If you think the sofa is too dated, the sheets too abrasive and the décor uninspiring, chances are you need to over hall some things. Your space should be an inspiring place to be, if it’s not, it’s one of two things, boring and blasé or offensive. Wouldn’t you rather live in a space that feels more like a 5 star hotel then a cheap motel?
  2. Start Small: by starting with the little things, you can slowly begin to transform your space. One can never go wrong with a quality duvet and some luxurious bedding. If in doubt go with white as you can always add some colour later. Next, your towels are they tired and worn, again whites are the way to go as they can easily be bleached and will go with any décor. By starting with these details, you will literally feel the difference of what quality in you space feels like. Once your rolling around in a luxurious duvet, it will become second nature to upgrade the other areas of your home.
  3. Make a plan: if you need to replace your seating, assess how long you plan on living in your current space. If it’s less than a few years, I always recommend going with a sofa and one or two accent chairs apposed to a sectional. This ensures that no matter where you move, your new piece of quality furniture will fit. Comfort is key but you should never have to sacrifice style for comfort. There are a wide variety of beautiful sofas on the market that are exceptionally comfortable.
  4. Pay attention to the details: Are your walls bare? If you have Art, is it really art or just leftover ‘trendy’ art that you got from HomeSense or Ikea? Art and accessories can truly make or break a space, so consider investing into some pieces that you will proud to have in your home. Custom art doesn’t have to cost a fortune, there are may talented and emerging artist who’s pieces sell at affordable prices. On the con tray, if you have some investment money to play with, consider buying a piece from an artist that you enjoy that is fast tracking to success. You would be amazed to find out that throughout history, art has always been one of the most advantageous from of investing.
  5. Ask for directions:  If you are overwhelmed with the list of items you want to replace and don’t know what the right move is, consult an interior designer. A good designer will not only save you a great deal of expense (they get better than retail pricing), they will also save you invaluable time and stress.

Remember, a nice car and good fashion savvy is only a piece of the package. If you want to wow your guest, your going to have to step it up a notch. Your home speaks volumes about you, make sure that the interior design is a true reflection of what a great catch you are.

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