Vancouver Interior Design, Gone To The Dogs?

Interior design for Vancouver dog owners.

I am speaking to all the dog owners out there.  You have a lovely home (or at leas I hope you do) and your dogs accessories (bed and or bowls) look like they came from a kids store or Walmart.

Let me start by saying you don’t have to sacrifice a chic and elegant design to have a great set up for your pooch.

We’ve seen it all before, the colourful dog bed with paw prints or the bone shaped dishes that that are oh so ‘cute’. I am here to say that from an interior design perspective, cute only belongs in little girls bedrooms or for young women who’s inner child is stronger than than the average lady.

I get it, some people love hello kitty and everything ‘cute’ but unless you are really that animated in everyday life (and it’s a true reflection of you), I suggest that you ditch the quick and easy appeal of cute or generic and upgrade to something more timeless and sophisticated.

There are some beautiful dog beds and feeding trays out there that can add charm to your space. You dog bed should never bring your room down and look mismatched and out of place. Interior design is about cohesiveness and attention to details, so don't overlook your pets set up.

For many of us, our dogs are the only kid we will have and considering the savings in tuition… there really is no excuse to settle for blasé. Spend a little extra and be amazed at how ditching the drab or obnoxious dog bed can transform your space.

Pamper yourself and your pup with some design savvy. If you appreciate a classic, chic and elegant looking home, you will be glad you did.

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