Vancouver Interior Design With Personality: Live Beautifully Through Self Expression

Vision Board by Interior designer Chrissy Cottrell from boutique design firm Chrissy & Co

Casual sophistication and subdue tones of character are key in personalizing your home without risking a DYI or kitschy vibe. The secret to beautifully expressing your character through design is in the subtleties.

Little tips that make a BIG difference:

Stay away from ‘keep calm..’ posters or any other ‘art’ that had verbiage such as ‘moms kitchen’ etc.

If you want inspirational reminders, do your research on key words that resonate with you to find more original quotes. You can then hire a calligraphy artist or graphic designer to convert your uplifting words into an elegant print that you can frame and incorporate into a gallery wall, on top a credenza or hang in your home office.

Avoid large picture frames that hold multiple photos, not only are they a poor way to display pictures that have true sentimental value but generally speaking, they look terribly cheap and lack creative charm. Instead consider selecting a few photos from memorable moments of your life that are more candid in nature and splurge on custom, or if your on a budget, buy a standard size frame and print the image to the appropriate size.

There is nothing worse that a contrived wall of awkward family photos. For an artistic twist, consider turning some of your vacation photos into abstracts by cropping the image. This can lend to a beautiful gallery wall of abstract art that only you and your family have the inside story on. For portrait images, close ups shots work far better as they capture mood and emotion more effectively. Full body shots are not ideal.

Love golf: consider investing in a accessory sculpture that resembles a golf ball but isn’t so obvious that your spaces feels kitschy.

Are you a wino (but don’t have the room for a wine fridge): Consider designating a vertical wine rack in your kitchen or dining room.

Are you an equestrian at heart: find a beautiful painting or photo of a slightly abstract horse. Oversize art can be stunning in even small spaces and horse imagery can add a refined elegance to a space.

Do you love to sail or crave a beach house near the ocean: Incorporate some classic nautical accents that are more subtle than the more obnoxious anchor toss imagery or white and navy strips. An oceanic abstract painting, a tripod lamp or a brass stethoscope is great way to allude to your passion without looking like a sailor.

Love to travel: Consider investing in a beautiful globe. Whether you have a modern, traditional or contemporary space, there are globes of many design genres that can make for a great character component into your home.

Do you have a green thumb: Perhaps some elegant floral toss pillows or a elegant vase of flowers can be a testament of your passion for seasonal blooms.

There are many different ways to express your character that are far from kitschy, you just need to think out side the box. Being coy with your décor is the best way to exude charm in your space.

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