Vancouver Fusion Interior Design: Rococo Soul & Modern Chic

Modern Contemporary Design By Chrissy & Co Vancouver Interior Designer Chrissy Cottrell

Sexy, chic, sophistication with a touch of whimsy and a nod to playful wit. Oh how I love fusion interior design where old soul meets modern spirit and there is a divine balance of masculine and feminine elements. 

It’s as thought there is a tear in time where one can experience the old realm of Rococo soul in a modern way.

There is something so intriguing and seductive about a well collected space that ever so elegantly breaks the rules. The rebellious nature of fusion interior design is one that forever intrigues me. The marriage of the old world soul with the new contemporary elements of masculine and feminine lines makes my heart skip a beat. Timeless yetfresh, this beautiful balance and eclecticism is a design that can be enjoyed my many; it breaks down the narrow and confining walls of typical design genres. The limitations of categorizing oneself as contemporary, modern or traditional can completely inhibit one from experiencing true beauty. Trends come and go and genres can be a convoluted topic of conversation with far too many restrictions.

It’s time for people to set themselves free, break some rules and really find the beauty in eclectic design. It is only when the borders and rules of design are broken and blurred that one can truly tell a story and express themselves through the art of interior design.

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