Interior Design Fee Structure

Flat Rate Design Fees:

With an hourly design fee structure there are so many unknowns. What one designer might take a week to do, another can do in a day. Like many other professionals, designers are not all created equally which is reflective in the wide range of industry rates and fee structures.

At Curated Home, we operate on a flat rate design fee structure because we want our clients to have the peace of mind in knowing what their design fees are upfront so they don’t have to worry about any unexpected or hidden fees later. 

A designer with over a decade of experience has far more experience than a designer who’s been in the industry for only a few years. Unsurprisingly the rates for a seasoned designer are higher, as they should be. They have a deeper well of knowledge, solid relationships established with reputable contractors and trades and are often more equipped and efficient in handling the challenging obstacles that can arise during a build or renovation.

Rather than presenting our clients with a high hourly rates and little context as to how long their design journey may take, we provide a flat rate design estimate for each potential client once their design discovery has been complete with either an onsite consultation or a comprehensive pre build design brief.


Our clients are busy and we want to ensure that every minute spent together in meetings is of high value.  In order to ensure that the design process has the structure needed to run efficiently, each clients design package includes a pre determined set of in person site meetings/design presentations for their project. For a client building a dream home, a package including twenty or more meetings isn’t uncommon, while a client simply re-furnishing  a small apartment under typical circumstance shouldn’t require more than four sessions. While a great deal of the value that we bring to the table happens in behind the scenes curating your design, how we manage our design meetings and presentations is essential in creating the right project flow.

By having a design schedule based on the scope of work, we have an accountability to our clients for reaching design targets on time and our clients are accountable to making design decisions within the time schedule. 

Expertise & Trust

While some designers will deliberately drag out the design process to ensure their bottom line, other designers inexperience only ends up costing their clients in inefficient use of time and errors. At Curated Home, every project that we undertake is overseen by Chrissy Cottrell to guarantee that you always have a seasoned expert guiding your project with care every step of the way. Paint colour alone can cost thousands to tens of thousands to correct if not carefully considered and that’s just one of the dozens of decisions required when undergoing any project. Our advise, choose wisely or higher someone who can and remember free or cheap design advise often comes at a price.

For clients who work within the design structure, our projects run smoothly, on budget and on time. We’ve been doing this for over ten years, so we know what it takes to make a dream home a reality. However at the the end of the day, our clients are always in the drivers seat. If a client wants to take two full meetings just choosing fabric for a sofa, they’re welcome to do so but they will likely need to add additional design meeting time to their package if they are constantly struggling with indecision, changing their mind or micromanaging the design process.  

When given a few choices and you’re having a hard time choosing, differ to your designer…you hired them for a reason after all.

White Glove Project Management:

There are are a lot of moving parts with builds and renovations. Even restyling an entire home and ensuring that everything is put in its right place can be overwhelming. The last thing we want for our clients is to go from thrilled to overwhelmed when it comes time to implementing their design which is why we offer a range of project management packages.

From coordinating the right contractor and trade coaching a dream home to coordinating the right delivery teams, steaming curtains, hanging art to placing that sculpture in just the right spot over a cleverly stacked set of books; exceptional design doesn’t just miraculously fall into place, it’s take methodical care and attention to every detail.

In order to ensure the best possible design and experience for our clients, we offer full project design management packages to ensure that no detail is left behind. We want our clients to experience the ‘Big Reveal’ in a beautiful way. Imagine while you’re at the spa or on a weekend getaway, we’re primping your place to perfection and chilling champagne so we can celebrate in style when you see your beautifully designed home for the very first time.

Real Connection.

Now with all that said, we believe in the powder of genuine connection which makes it so important to test our fit before diving right into the start of a project together. You wouldn’t run a marathon in a pair of sneakers you’ve never worn before and likewise you wouldn’t want to build a dream home with a designer you can’t share a laugh with. Trust me, long haul complicated projects can feel daunting from time to time and a light hearted connection is essential in keeping the vibrancy alive in any project.

A good client/designer fit can be the difference between running a marathon in a pair of Valentinos or a pair of Nikes and at the end of the day we’re all in this together. Our job is to help you cross the finish line of your project with as much ease and grace possible and well suited client/designer relationship means a more enjoyable design journey.Life can be crazy sometime and metaphorically speaking, we could all do with less blisters due to abrasive challenges.

Our in store design consultation it’s a great chance to get acquainted and learn about one another in a no pressure environment so we can see what it might feel like to work together. Design fees are one thing and we like to think we have that nailed down in a way that best serves everyone but the first step to any successful project is finding the right client designer energy. We are you visual autobiographers after all, we want to ensure that you feel heard and understood just as we want to work with clients who have beautiful stories to tell and are lovely to be around.