Merci Beaucoup

Chrissy & Co prides itself not only in creating beautiful homes through individually tailored interior design, but also in creating long lasting memories and elegant first impressions.

"Chrissy is not the first interior designer we have worked with but is, by far, the best. Chrissy redesigned our 4000 sq. home and we could not be happier with the result. Chrissy has a unique ability to hone in on her client’s design style (even if you don’t know what your own style is); we were looking for a total update but wanted to keep some of our existing pieces. Chrissy prepared a layout that beautifully fused modern with traditional elements, integrated the old with the new and transformed our home into a welcoming statement of who we are. When guests walk through our front door their first words are always “what a beautiful home”. More importantly, when we walk through our front door our first thoughts are “what a beautiful home”.

I am often asked if our designer “picked everything” or if we were involved. Here is the beautiful thing: Chrissy would put together an initial layout with various options and my husband and I were always astonished at how she was able to find beautiful, unique pieces (elements we would certainly never find on our own) that when brought together always seemed to be “just perfect” and “exactly what we envisioned”. From start to finish Chrissy was a total professional, delivering on time, on budget and above expectation. I am not a person who is easily impressed, but in this case, I am happy to say my expectations were exceeded and I could not recommend Chrissy & Co. highly enough."

— Heather Bell | Richmond BC

"We feel so lucky and pleased that we hired Chrissy for our entire ground floor renovation. Let me tell you, renovations can be really tough. But having Chrissy by your side through the whole process really makes a world of difference. She is professional, experienced, design super savvy and has a genuine disposition. In no time, you feel like you're working with a good friend who really gets you. She is talented yet humble and really listens to what we want and made our vision a thousand times more beautiful. We highly recommend Chrissy & Co. for your next project and ensure that this will be the easiest decision you will make."

—  Teresa Trinh | Vancouver BC

"Chrissy is one of the kindest people I know. She has a unique ability to read people’s needs and this shows in her work/results. She is able to turn a house into a beautiful home that allows you and your family to live abundantly knowing that the place you call home has you feeling safe and nourishing in every way. Each room offers an experience where you know every detail has been considered. Whether you are caring for your children, celebrating a new marriage, working on a new project for home or career, you will feel fully supported. When I first picked up her business card it felt solid in my hand and yet beautifully and elegantly designed. That’s also what’s unique about Chrissy. She has a quiet thoughtfulness about her which comes through in her listening. She really hears you and sees beyond your words to help you create your sanctuary; and yet has this firecracker strength to get things done effectively and efficiently."

— Jane Langton | Vancouver BC  

"When I attempted the interior design process before meeting Chrissy, the pieces were not flowing, the french chandlaier that I had my heart set on was the center of conflict and we couldn't agree on anything. Initially I planed on doing our renovation design myself but making any decisions that my husband and I would both be happy with proved to be a challenge. After interviewing both of us, she was able to put together a design plan that we are equally very happy with. She did all the running around for me, so I didn't have to and sourced some beautiful materials that I wouldn't have been able to find myself. Chrissy made our home feel like an oasis, and we couldn't be happier. Our modern lighting, (we both love our 'modern meets old world charm' chandelier) mixed with the more classic pieces of furniture work beautifully. She was able to show me some advantages of modern influences while helping my hubby see the perks of interjecting some classic pieces. She's the only person I know who was able to help him see that drapes don't always have to look traditional (an argument I could never win). I always thought I knew what coming home felt like but there really is something to be said about living in a space that truly reflects you. Thanks to Chrissy, we finally have a home that feels like home and a place that blows our guest away when we entertain."

— Lynn B | Yaletown BC

"I hired Chrissy to furnish my new townhouse and make it a home for me and my son. She interviewed me to understand my needs and the kind of place I like to live in. She surveyed the new home and designed a set of outcomes for the furnishings. She provided the colour palette for my new home and also picked the furnishings including all furniture, décor, and pictures for me. On top of that, she arranged contractors for final renovations and coordinated the move for me. One word: Amazing!!! I love my new place and everyone who visits have commented on how nice it is. Money well spent!!"

— Charles Tsoi | Burnaby BC

"We really appreciate everything you have done for us. We love your design choices... Your warth, caring and sense of humor during the renovation process helped us through the rough spots. We couldn't have survived it without you!"

— Kim & Susans Ettinger | Burnaby BC 

"We hired Chrissy in December 2011 to help us with the design and decor of our new house. As soon as we met her, my husband and I were immediately impressed. Chrissy is organized, thoughtful, and has great design sense. Initially, we were just going to hire Chrissy to help us design just the kitchen but we quickly and gradually used her for almost every design element of our new house. We were building our dream home and needed someone to guide us along the way. It was well worth it - from the kitchen to the mudroom cabinetry layouts, the lighting and plumbing fixtures as well as some of our furniture pieces and paint colour both inside and out (just to name a few items she helped us with) - Chrissy's design savvy was invaluable. She was vibrant, upbeat and always positive - which was very important to us as building a new house is extremely stressful. Chrissy was also very prompt - there were many times we would email her with questions late at night and the next morning we would find a thorough and thoughtful response email back! House building can be slow, so it was a great relief to us to have Chrissy so prompt in her design advice. We would be highly recommend Chrissy's services to anyone!"

— Angela & Arju Yadav | Vancouver BC 

"Chrissy, I truly can’t thank you enough for your honestly, calm attitude and how you listen to me. It’s a pleasure working with you and I really see you turning my home into something so special everyone would want to be a part of. I really appreciate that I get the experience of the whole package. I do have a lot on my plate and you allowed me to sleep for the first time in a long time, because I just feel like things will fall into place properly (Kitchen, Colors, tile, floor, exterior, etc). I'm so glad that I hired you, I don't know how people manage without an interior designer."

— Tina Pavlo | Port Moody BC