A New Type of Design Inspiration For Your Home

Creating a Bedroom Design

When it comes to creating a spectacular bedroom, it's all about beautifully balancing both masculine and feminine elements. It's this fusion of elements that makes for one sexy bedroom.


I like to work with visual abstracts when working with my clients. The vision board above is a perfect example of how we like to achieve the overall look and feel of a project in a completely original way. Yes, it's great to cultivate some inspiration on Pinterest or Houzz but frankly, I think it's limiting to rely on photos of other designers work as a jumping point for a project. 

Over the years I have honed in on my philosophy and I truly believe that a truly spectacular design is one which reflects my clients and who they are and one that beautifully hybrids masculine and feminines elements along with old and new. Too feminine and a space will feel cutesy, to masculine and it will feel like a university dorm. Both juvenile and completely lack elegance and sophistication, which for me is a complete deal breaker. 

Curation of Eclectic Opposites

In my opinion, excellent interior design is a curation of eclectic opposites that are fused together to create a space that seduces the senses. I love incorporating slightly unexpected pieces into a space to create a sense of wonder. 

This tufted headboard in a rich camel colour leather will be spectacular with the stunning wood and leather side tables. Some black and white linens instead of lines shown on the stock photo will do wonders for this space. 

It's all about the details! These particular clients both have careers in aviation, so when I found this stunning wing piece of art for their space, I knew it was the perfect fit! I can't wait to see the transformations of this design unfold. 

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