Why I refuse to do 'Vanilla' interior design

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If you don't like velvet, we can't be friends. Period.

For me it's just a mystery when I hear that people don't like velvet. Likewise, I am just as perplexed when people say they don't like champagne or dogs. Really?!

I immediately assume that there is either some sort of childhood trauma at play (in which case you get a free pass no judgment card) or they are just not 'my kind of people'. Sure that might sound harsh but I'm not out to please everyone and that translates in my design as well.

Beautiful Design isn't Always Safe Design

I have no problem saying no to the play it 'safe' grey on grey typical Vancouver 'colour' scheme. While I'm at it, NO NO NO to all white on white, beige on beige, microfibre or all linen! I like my interiors layered with texture, pops of drama and a sense of luxury, intrigue and mystery! Don't get me wrong, as much as I enjoy colour, I absolutely love a completely neutral space. However, let's make one thing clear; you can have have neutral design without it being dull and boring.

Velvet is beautiful but not necessarily 'safe'. I get it, it's certainly not as durable and cheap (cheap being the operative word) as microfibre (YUCK)! However, it's 100 times more stunning and with the right tricks, it's not only a timeless beauty but it can also be family friendly.  Is it safe? Not necessarily. Is it stunning, YES! Can it be managed so it's not so 'high maintenance'? Yes. So why would you rather go with microfibre?! (Unless you're on an Ikea budget in which case you're reading the wrong blog.) The same goes for a punch of colour or dramatic smash of a black or beautiful Italian leather cognac. Is it 'safe'? No, but neither are pearls, Ferrari's, stilettos, champagne coupes, yachts, cashmere or any exceptionally beautiful thing. Just to make sure I make my point, there is NOTHING luxurious or sexy about safe interior design and for me that's the whole point!

Think about it... do you really want to spend $100K+ on all one genre or tone in your home. I would strongly advise against it and, if you insist, then I would say that I'm not the right designer for you.

Life is too short to play it safe! For the record, 'safe' and timeless are two different things - but that is for the next blog. Nothing and no one who merits as a source of inspiration got to their position of influence by playing it safe. I love vanilla ice-cream (vanilla bean to be more specific) but as a designer and artist I refuse to play it 'safe'. I didn't choose my career so that I could pump out the same design for every client and let the trends dictate my portfolio. I'm more interested in transforming how people live and creating luxurious homes that seduce the senses. 

The only vanilla I like is in my ice-cream. Safe is for the meek ... I was born a redhead!



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