Vancouver's Exterior Design Style: It's all about the details

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When it comes to excellent design, it's all about the attention to detail.

This beautiful home illustrated above is a new Vancouver home that we are working on. Luckily the clients engaged in hiring an interior designer early in their project, so we are able to have an influence on the exterior design of their home as well. That's right, interior design is not just about the interior, we take great pride in the asthetic balance we can bring to the architectural design of a home. The benefit of hiring an interior designer earlier on in your project can have lasting benefits. 

The design on the left, is the original proposal from the architect and the design on the right are the revisions that we have suggested. The left feels more craftsman and asymmetrical in design and the right, more balanced with an elegant European feel.

It's amazing how a few slight design changes can really transform the feel of a home. I can't wait to see this beautiful contemporary house take shape.

Now that we have a beautiful design to build off of,  it's a matter of selecting finishing materials. I think that it is so important that there be a cohesive relationship between the interior design and exterior design of the home. It is important to consider the overall interior design when finalizing the design of the exterior as they should work in harmony together. 

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As you will see from the picture above, colour palette can dramatically change the appearance and feel of a home. The one on the left in walnut, charcoal and marble has a west coast contemporary feel while the one on the right in light grey, black and marble accents feels more contemporary still. Both beautiful but very different from one another.

All too often people wait until they are at the framing stage to hire a designer and don't get the most potential out of their home as a result. If you really want to ensure the best design for your home, consider consulting with a designer at the conceptual phase, you will be amazed at all of the design potential that you didn't realize existed. A good interior designer will not only help you navigate the decision making process of what finishing materials to select, they will bring options to the table that you didn't realize existed and bring a fresh set of eyes to your project.

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As a full service interior design firm in Vancouver, we are able help facilitate your architectural design from concept to completion.

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