Glamorous & Grey in Vancouver Interior Design

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For me, beautiful interior design is all about creating the perfect eclectic mix.

There is something so classically chic about the timeless combination of black, white, grey with a pop of gold. Add a little pop of colour if you wish but on its own, it's gold that old world charm and a touch of glamour that we all so often crave, at least I do.

I could never be a minimalist interior designer. I need layers, textures and an array of different silhouettes to seduce my senses. I find 'clean line design' far too clinical and boring, lacking life and personality. A home should not feel institutionalized, it should have have soul and it should tell a story. 

In Vancouver, greys are a common go to for interior designers, it's a beautiful foundation that allows one to blend the outside (often grey elements) in to the interior. When done properly, it feels elegant and classic. It's when you get too many primary undertones that it go from a chic concept to an interior designers nightmare. 

The truth is, greys although chic and simple can be the most difficult to work with. So often having to find the right hue is half the battle. I can't tell you how many people I have seen who have tired to tackle this themselves only to end up with a space that was a mismatch of clashing undertones. Purple undertone sofas, with green undertone chairs and although they were all 'grey', they were a horrific match. The DIY approach is not well matched with a grey palette unless you have a spectacular eye for colour. 

The bottom line is cohesiveness is key. Nailing down the right combination of hues is esential when working with a neutral colour palette. You don't want everything matching, as it can end up feeling like a hotel but on the other hand you don't want a mixed array of undertones either.

If you feel lost consider consulting a designer, their expertise is worth every penny. There is nothing worse than having to redo your interior design of your space after missing the mark the 1st time.

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