Vancouver Dream Home: Our Design Philosophy

Chrissy & Co Vancouver Interior Design Philosophy


This is the essence of our design philosophy and what drives us to continue to curate  spaces that are as beautifully unique as each of our clients.

Front and center, this was the message we chose to share at The  Vancouver Luxury Home Show  over the weekend.

Chrissy & Co Interior Design Vancouver Luxury Home Show

What Inspires you?

It is a crucial question that all too often gets neglected or over complicated. When building a home, renovating or searching for home decor, so often people default to home imagery as their primary source of inspiration. Rather than building off of an existing interior design of someone else home, I always suggest that my clients gleam some fresh inspiration in a more organic way. Whether it be imagery of nature, fashion, fine art or lifestyle, inspiration can be found everywhere.

Chrissy & Co Vancouver Interior Design Inspiration

Here are some glimpse in to some of the glamours details of our interior designs from this weekends big event:

Chrissy & Co Vancouver Interior Design Marble Bust

There is something so elegant about a marble bust on a modern marble pedestal. This stunning piece was sponsored by 18karat and the bust of course from my own collection.

Chrissy & Co Vancouver Interior Design Floral with wall panel

A stunning arrangement from Flower Factory and it couldn't get any better with a beautiful wall panel detail. This classic detail was featured in both booth designs and couldn't have been done without the JBR Construction team. They were spectacular to work with and I can't wait for future collaborations. It's always great to build such a strong base of talent.

Chrissy & Co Interior Design Of Renew Gallery Luxury Booth

These beautiful crystal chandeliers from Renew Gallery were the jewelry that adorned the room adding a luxurious glamour to the space. 

Chrissy & Co Vancouver Interior Design Luxury Home Show

There is something so beautifully classic about brushed brass accents in home decor. I loved the old world vibe with a modern twist. 

Chrissy & Co Vancouver Interior Design Custom Art

The large black and white abstract painting is a piece that I had custom painted for the luxury show. The beautiful print of Marie Antoinette is a tribute to the traditional elements in this hybrid space. This is a style that we work often work with as a result of the eclectic nature when paring the two different stories of the couples we often work with. Modern/old world charm and  masculine/feminine accents to create a uniquely balanced and inspiring space. Interior design does not have to fit into one genre and we like to continually break the rules and find new ways to create spaces that seduce the senses. 

Vancouver Interior designer

As a full service interior design firm in Vancouver, we are able help facilitate your design from concept to completion.

To schedule a complimentary meet and greet at our studio, or to book an onsite consultation, give us a call at 604-564-0404 or contact us online!