A Vancouver Designer's Dream: Paris & Italy is Happening!

An interior designers dream come true.

It's been over 10 years since my last trip to Europe but I'm elated to say that I get to go back this coming spring. Initially I had planned to go this year but it's been a crazy busy year with some important projects that I just couldn't step away from.

So, in May I am heading to Paris and Florence to glee some fresh inspiration. I can't wait to take in all the beautiful architecture and interior design so that I can bring it back to my architecture and interior design clients in Vancouver. I've always loved European design and the timeless elegance that it has to offer and am thrilled to adapt some of the old world charm into my upcoming projects.

As an interior designer in Vancouver BC, It's so essential to stay inspired so I can't wait for the trip I have planned. Did I forget to mention that I've hired a private guide to take me to some of the best antique markets in Paris. Fingers crossed that I find some gems to ship home. I would love to find a stunning marble bust and an Louie chair to add some Parisian charm to my apartment. 

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