Is your Blasé bedroom affecting your love life? Vancouver Decor Tips

Bedroom design by principle interior designer Chrissy Cottrell from Chrissy & Co

From colour psychology and lighting design to textures and tones, our homes have the ability to significantly influence not only our moods but also our quality of life. So, if you find that things in the bedroom have fallen flat, you may want consider an affair with interior design.

When it comes to helping couples connect, setting the stage all begins in the bedroom. This room in all of its subtleties has the most profound impact on our lives. It not only influences the start of each day and your quality of sleep but it can greatly affect the quality of your love life.

Seduce your sense with these design tips:

Tip #1: If it feels good… do it! Splurge on soft and luxurious bedding. You spend 33% of your life sleeping; it may as well be luxurious. Your lines come in direct contact with your skin and should be given more credit for setting the mood. Touch is one of our most indulgent senses; so to make for a lush bedroom experience, opt for a thread count of 300 or higher. Egyptian cotton or silk are sensational for those who prefer to sleep in their birthday suit.


Tip #2: Be Coy: Understated sophistication is an absolute turn on (from fashion to home décor) and is a key element when it comes to seducing the senses.Charcoal with cognac, ivory and black are great hues for an understated elegance. Perfect for the bachelor or for those who prefer more unisex design. All I have to say to all you men out there is… take note! While a sloppy blasé bedroom is a turn off, a room that exudes charm and class makes for get visual sensuality and intrigue.

Tip #3: Layer Up: Use rich layers of texture in your room to create a sense of luxury. Tufted headboards are almost always a safe bet (as they can adapt to a modern or traditional decor), this timeless texture mixed with a faux fur, velvet or silk are a great way to stimulate the senses and create a luxurious feel. 

Tip #4: Take a seat: If your bedroom has the space be sure to include an accent chair. Not only are they create for the everyday dressing routine they are also great for the undressing routine.

So whether you’re single or attached, I strongly encourage give your boudoir a little TLC. You would be amazed at what a little love affair with design can do for you and your partner in the bedroom! Interior design can seduce your senses if you care enough to explore your options. 

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