Vancouver Interior Design Style, Founded on the Details

Art By Vancouver Interior Designer Chrissy Cottrell from Chrissy & Co

While primary pieces of quality furniture are essential for any good design, it is only the foundation of excellence. If you think you can purchase a designer sofa and accent chair and call it a day your completely mistaken! Your home is naked without a few key elements. 

Key element #1: Quality Art

I can’t stress the importance of this enough! There is nothing worse that walking into a home that has beautiful furniture and the art is clearly from HomesSense or Ikea… totally unacceptable! Leave your walls naked if need be but whatever you do, don’t put fake art on your expensive walls! Just as your furniture was carefully selected, take the time to find out what kind of art you like. If your not a art buff, there are plenty of other options such as maps, photographs, wall sculptures etc.

Decor by principle interior designer Chrissy Cottrell from Chrissy & Co

Key Element #2: Beautiful Lighting Design

Your lighting is your homes jewelry. Just as a bold necklace vs a dainty string of pearls can change the feel of an outfit, so does lighting have the same effect. Don’t blow the budget on your furniture only to have a contractor special lighting package in your home. This among other details are key in establishing the right mood and ambiance in your space. Lighting is one of the foundational elements in interior design and can completely set the tone for your space.

Key Element #3: Accessories & Candles

From layered trays and book collections to sculptures and candles, these little gems are what add the textures and layers that you home needs to feel lived in. In addition to the charm that accessories can add, they are a great way to introduce splashes of colour and luxury into your home.

Key Element #4: Linens & Toss Pillows

From the duvet and toss pillows on your bed to the towel in the guest washroom, linens are one of the areas of the home that can whisper hints of  superb luxury or scream notes of the mundane. Often you can transform the feel of your space with some toss cushions and throws.

Now that you have some tips on pulling your home together, I encourage you to get inspired and do some accessory shopping.  It is the attention to these very important elements that that make interior design the ultimate art form. 

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