Interior Design: Another Creative Outlet

Design Is a luxurious way of life.

I was born a creative. Ever since I can remember I have been painting, drawing, creating. My 1st commissioned painting was at age 12, my 1st art exhibit was at age 14 so evolving into a career where I have constant outlet of creativity was a natural fit. 

Not surprisingly to those who know me, I decided to design and laugh my own watch line with my husband by my side. C+C has been a blast and I'm excited to say that we have a variety of other designs on the go.

Interior design is still the love of my life. Every project is as uniquely beautiful of each of my clients. It impossible to bore with constant changes of design personalities and every clients dream home has it's own unique criteria.

I live and breath design, so when my clients ask what I like to do for fun, I tell them design. So from beautiful custom paintings to watches and pearls, it is just another avenue for me to bring beauty into the world.

I couldn't be happier to live a life where I have the luxury to create whatever my heart desires while helping my clients create their hearts desire.

I was reminded today while working with a client who is building their dream home that they plan to retire in how much of an honour it is to be chosen to create such a lovely space. 

Our Vancouver Interior Design Firm

Interior design for for Chrissy & Co is not just about creating beautifully designed and decorated homes, it's about creating a higher quality of life.

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